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Seven Signs to Help Recognize the Ideal Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is an important intermediary between those interested in acquiring insurance and the company that offers it. The agent interacts directly with clients to evaluate their needs bases on a wide range of  factors, then suggests the product that best suits these requirements.

As a valuable reference, we offer these seven signs that will help you  recognize the ideal insurance agent who can find and recommend the policy that best protects your health and that of your loved ones.

1. Interested in knowing your coverage needs and financial conditions
When suggesting an insurance plan, the ideal agent should listen closely as you describe your needs and lifestyle. In this way, the agent can understand which benefits and coverage will be your best match. Questions about your state of health, if you travel frequently, if you participate in high-risk sports, and if you have dependents, are among the questions that should be asked to find your ideal health plan.
2. Offers different plans objectively without showing a preference for one or the other
The ideal agent shows you a wide range of products that fit your needs and individual situation without subjectively leaning towards any of them. The agent should make recommendations based on their experience and policy knowledge, but should not influence your decision for personal gain. The agent’s portfolio may be from a single insurance company or several, since insurance agents and brokers often handle plans from different companies.
3. Explains the benefits of the policy – and its limitations

When buying an insurance policy, you want to know all its benefits and possibilities.  However, an ideal insurance agent will not only show you the multiple advantages of the policy they are offering, but also be very clear about the proposed plan’s exclusions and coverage limitations.  

In addition, the agent will explain everything you may find unclear or confusing,  and be completely transparent about  the policy’s conditions and benefits.  

4. Protects your personal information

To purchase a policy, it is necessary to provide sensitive information about your personal data, as well as financial and health status. The ideal health insurance agent is very protective of this information, and only shares it with  the appropriate staff of the company providing the  policy.

The ideal agent recognizes the need to keep this information completely secure.

5. Complies with the processes on the agreed dates and times

Evaluating and obtaining a policy requires you to collect various documents, and for the agent to send them correctly to the insurance company.

The ideal insurance agent will notify you well in advance about the documents that are necessary,  and also send all documentation to the insurer promptly for its respective study and approval.

In addition, they make sure  all the requirements are complete so the process will run smoothly and in a timely fashion.

6. Considers not only the interests of his potential insureds, but also the interests of the company they represent
The ideal insurance agent will never alter your information to obtain benefits or coverage that should not available to someone with your profile. They will not modify policy information to benefit the company or exonerate it from complying with its obligations to its insureds. In addition, agents should make every effort to verify that the information you provide is complete, accurate and up-to-date, and that you fully understand the terms and coverage of thepolicy you are considering acquiring.
7. Provides excellent after-sale service
The ideal insurance agent provides professional service not only during the policy purchase, but also after you’ve made a decision and purchased a policy. Your agent is your link between you and the company. Your agent is there to resolve doubts and advise on different procedures, including renewals, claims, coordination of medical services, appointments and treatments in medical centers abroad. In addition,they inform you about new policy features, such as new benefits and new centers available in your coverage network.

What can you expect from VUMI® insurance agents?

In addition to meeting the seven characteristics we’ve just discussed,  VUMI® health insurance agents are honest, loyal, respectful and concerned about the integrity and well being of our policyholders.

Though they may offer a broad range of insurance policies from diverse companies, and receive a commission for policy sales and renewals, they will never charge for their advice and services. Contact one of VUMI’s insurance agents by clicking here.

Interesting in joining a marketplace leaders and becoming a VUMI® VIP agent? Fill out this form, and we will contact you.  

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