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What to look for when selecting travel insurance?

Here are some important factors to keep top of mind as you research which travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage combined with service that brings you  peace of mind during your trip.  

Countries and coverage

Many destinations, such as the 26 Schengen zone countries, now insist upon travel insurance with specific minimum coverage as part of their entry requirements. You must prove you have enough insurance to cover medical expenses in case of an emergency or unexpected medical event.

When selecting a plan, make sure it has the correct amount of  coverage for the country you are visiting, and that the amount covered is equal to, or higher than, that country’s requirements.

In the case of Schengen zone countries, for example, the requirement is a minimum of 30,000 euros. VUMI’s Travel VIP plan is a smart choice, as it exceeds these requirements.


Travel insurance has multiple benefits and provides coverage when unforeseen events occur. There may be a time when you are facing a mishap that could cost you a considerable amount of money, or could totally derail your trip.  

In addition to hospitalizations, medical or dental emergencies, travelers may also face legal issues, theft or emergency evacuation, just to list a few. According to the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs, evacuation for medical treatment in another country can cost more than US$100,000!  Knowing you have comprehensive coverage, like that found in VUMI’s Travel VIP plan, can make a real difference to your ability to have a carefree trip.

Method of payment if the unforeseen occurs

Insurance plans work in different ways when emergencies occur, like when you must seek medical attention. Some plans require  you to bear the costs upfront, and then seek reimbursement. It is much more desirable for your insurance plan to take care of payments. You must simply follow the proper notification process and this financial burden will be handled by VUMI®. Access to the medical attention you need will be immediate.  

Contact and personalized attention

Emergencies can occur anywhere and at any time, so make sure to chose an insurance company with 24/7 service. VUMI® assistance, for example, operates 24/7/365, and is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Being connected to agents who speak your language adds a layer of ease when coordinating coverage in any eventuality.

Coverage for the activities on your itinerary

Some activities you pursue may not be covered by travel insurance. Should your plans include participating in certain sports,  you should verify your travel insurance includes these activities.

The VUMI® Travel VIP plan offers a coverage amount, with some exceptions, for various sports and non-professional motorized and non-motorized activities.

Age and physical conditions covered

Every insurance has an eligibility age limit, so verify the insurance you are considering  for you and your family meets your specific needs. The VUMI® Travel VIP plan, for example, covers travelers up to age 80.

Also, consider your pre-existing conditions or conditions such as pregnancy, as some insurers do not cover these, or impose specific requirements for them.

Length of coverage

A policy offers coverage according to your requested term. There are options for a single trip, and for annual trips, which would cover all trips taken during a year. VUMI® Travel VIP plan offers both options.

Please note that in both cases, there are conditions regarding maximum travel periods, waiting periods, and coverage termination based on the reported dates. Therefore, if you change plans, you should inform your insurance agent so you are always covered.

You’re good to go

Once you’ve taken into account all the factors covered above, and have purchased your insurance, all that remains is to pack your suitcase. Always carry your insurance contact information with you, or download the MyVUMI™ application for android here or for apple here. It gives you complete access to information about your policy and available service channels.

If you need more information about VUMI® Travel VIP insurance, please contact one of our agents here.

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