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What happens if I have an accident during my health insurance plan’s waiting period?​

Even though you care for your health, an accident can happen anytime and take you by surprise. Learn what kind of health insurance coverage is available to you should you suffer an accident during your waiting period.

What is the waiting period?

The waiting period is a term established in the policy to describe the time when you have enrolled in a plan, but certain of the plan’s benefits are not yet active.

For example, most plans have a waiting period for pregnancy and maternity care coverage – usually about ten months. In this way, it is certain that the pregnancy did not begin before the policy was purchased. 

What if I have an accident during this period?

With VUMI®, you will always be protected.

Although all our plans have a general waiting period of 30 days from the effective date of coverage, if the insured suffers an accident during his waiting period and must receive care, they will have a set amount of coverage for treatment.

This also applies when an insured experiences any disease of infectious origin for the first time during this period.

Is it possible to avoid the waiting period for other illnesses and conditions?

Yes, with VUMI® you can avoid the waiting period for other diseases and conditions if, at the time of applying for the policy, you have an international health coverage plan with another company. This allows us to have your complete health history and to understand the state of your health.

Please consult your agent for more information about our plans’ waiting period and coverage.

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