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Five reasons why a major medical insurance plan can be your best ally in 2023

The new year starts full of resolutions and brimming with plans for the 365 days ahead.  While planning your year, consider these five reasons why a major medical insurance plan with international coverage is a must for a peaceful, healthy 2023.

1. Protection of your finances

At first glance, major medical insurance can seem more of an expense than an investment. However, when you consider the high costs of medical care and the difficulties you may face in some countries accessing top-quality care, having a major medical insurance plan means having a financial ally in case of an emergency.

Depending on your VUMI® plan, up to a 100% may be covered for events like hospitalization, emergency room care, transportation by ground or air ambulance, and care by a nurse or therapist at home, to list just a few.

2. Coverage during domestic and international travel

VUMI® offers plans that provide you with worldwide geographic coverage, with no restrictions for physicians or hospitals, thanks to its extensive network of more than 800,000 medical providers and more than 7,000 hospitals worldwide.

In addition, some VUMI® plans include travel insurance, which covers a certain amount for emergencies and other services abroad.

3. Access to the Second Medical Opinion service

When faced with a difficult diagnosis, receiving a second medical opinion is essential to corroborate or redirect treatment. VUMI® offers access to this service in all its plans, giving patients the opportunity to have international specialists review their case.

According to VUMI® data, after receiving a second medical opinion, 35% of patients have avoided surgery, and 86% of experts have recommended a significant change to the initially recommended treatment.

4. Option to receive medical advice in the comfort of your home

With selected VUMI® plans, you may choose to get medical advice via phone or videoconferencing – all without having to spend precious time in waiting rooms.

This service is available worldwide, in multiple languages, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

5. Access to treatments and specialty care

With VUMI® plans you have an option to access any international medical center for specialized treatment.

Top hospitals in the United States, such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the Cleveland Clinic (rated top U.S. cardiology hospital), and Johns Hopkins Hospital (a renowned U.S. rheumatology hospital), are part of VUMI’s extensive network of providers, among many other stellar institutions.

If you don’t yet have international health insurance for major expenses, this new year is a perfect opportunity to decide to take care of your health and that of your family. VUMI® offers you the peace of mind of always being protected.

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