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Travel Checklist

The numbers tell the story: people are once again leaving home to travel the world.

We’ve prepared a handy list to help you stay organized and fully prepared for your trip:

Understand the health requirements of the country you’re going to visit

Check if you need to get any vaccinations before entering the country.  For example, some Latin American countries require the yellow fever vaccine.

Purchase travel insurance before leaving

Verify the insurance policy you’re considering has coverage in the country you’re visiting, and that the plan meets all the country’s requirements.

For example, insurance with coverage greater than 30,000 euros is required to travel to the Schengen area, which makes VUMI® Travel VIP a great choice since its coverage exceeds the required amount. .

If you’d like more Travel VIP information, consult your insurance agent or click here.

Verify your travel documents

Check the validity dates of your passport. For example, some countries require that your passport be valid for more than six months upon entry.

Also, find out in advance about visa requirements or additional entry documents.

Make backup copies of important information

Take a photo of your ID documents and save it in a place you can easily access should your documents or belongings be lost. For example, print them and place in a folder, store digitally in the cloud, or in your e-mail.

These are among the most important documents and information:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Driver’s license
  • VUMI® membership card
  • Flight and accommodation reservations
  • Emergency telephone numbers


Share this information with your family or emergency contact.


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