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How to access medical centers of excellence and treatments abroad?

When it comes to healthcare and the availability of the newest treatments and technologies, some countries stand out from the others. Naturally, it’s a main reason many people seek treatment and medical care abroad.

If you are considering this option, think about:

The difficulty of doing it all on your own?

It is possible to access treatment abroad by contacting the medical center of your interest directly. However, you must coordinate all appointments and services. In addition, you’ll need to present documents that prove you’ll be able to pay for all costs of medical services, consultations, medicines and treatments you’ll receive. As you’d expect, these costs can be exceptionally high.

Here are two real-life cases from 2022:

A baby was born with complications in the United States. His care and treatment added up to more than USD 470,000.

A patient underwent cancer radiation treatment in the U. S. His bill topped USD 860,000.

Depending on the specific condition and course of treatment, it’s not unheard of that bills can reach USD 1 million.

Access through an international health insurance plan

One of the most important advantages a health insurance plan with international coverage (such as VUMI’s) can offer is access to world-class centers. These include MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States, considered one of the top cancer treatment centers in the world, and the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, the top private hospital in Spain, and also ranked as one of the best in the world.

Depending on the specifications of your plan, you may have unlimited benefits at these facilities, or you just may have to pay a deductible depending on the services you receive. However, the cost-benefit ratio is remarkable.

Recently, a VUMI® insured patient received a life-saving cancer treatment in one of the top hospitals in the United States. For this treatment, he only had to pay 0.5% of the treatment’s total value.

In addition to economic support, an international health plan such as those offered by VUMI® gives you peace of mind. It allows you to focus on your treatment and your recovery, without worrying about endless paperwork and sky high bills. VUMI® provides you with complete support from the time you decide to travel until your return home, including:

  • – Coordination of medical appointments
  • – Second medical opinion with renowned specialists
  • – Direct payment to the medical center or issuance of letters of guarantee
  • – Personalized assistance with frequent interfacing among the patient, his family and the treating physicians
  • – Benefits for the patient’s companions
  • – Delivery of specialized medications


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For more information about our plans that offer access to medical centers and treatments abroad, please consult your insurance agent.

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